Major League Baseball comes to London

As a Major League player in the world of comms and radios for touring and events, Surfhire has been quietly providing high level solutions with technologies including digital matrix comms and  feature rich radio deployments.

The Major League Baseball coming from the US to the UK was no exception to needing Surfhire’s  services. In only a few rig days surfhire delivered a stadium wide radio network which extended all the way to Westfield  Centre and  hotels, as well as the more tricky underbelly of the magnificent London Stadium, penetrating layers of re enforced concrete.

The deployment also included a Riedel Artist Matrix system for the Emergency Monitoring Safe Room – where a team of safety operators acted as multi level interface for the highest of security and safety.

Since becoming part of the elite Clair Global brand in 2019 surfhire has grown, the latest investment in Motorola R7 handsets and SLR 7500 repeater network along with advanced bespoke antennae combine/distribute and RF over Fibre meant that suerfhire knocked it out of the park..